Nanjing Descaling Technology Co., Ltd.

Descaling Technology is located at No. 87 Huyue Road, Liuhe Economic Development Area in Nanjing, it has 6000 square meters of intelligent manufacturing workshop and modern office building; Descaling Technology is a research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, service all in one enterprise of the forging equipment intelligent manufacturing.

Descaling Technology owns forging equipment R & D center, manufacturing base. With more than 20 experienced, high-quality, professional R & D personnel and engineering technical personnel, which is able to provide valuable engineering and technical services according to the needs of customers. The professional engineering technology department is responsible for the engineering technical support, covering three main contents: Application technical support, after-sales service support and technical training. Descaling Technology has a relatively advanced forging intelligent manufacturing production line, fully automated production, The intelligent manufacturing line includes automatic cutting of circular saw, automatic medium frequency furnace heating, dephosphorization, hot die forging, walking beam forging, robot loading and unloading, truss mechanical arm trimming, automatic graphite lubrication, graphite recovery, informatization, etc. It has a three-dimensional mechanical arm disc type small tonnage automatic production line. And also a super audio 315 punch forging press with manual stacking material automatic production line.

Descaling Technology has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years and it is the standard setter of forging automation products. The self-developed forging automation descaling machine and forging robot automation have served hundreds of forging enterprises and won high praise from forging enterprises. Since its establishment, Descaling Technology has taken the revitalization of national industry as its own responsibility, accelerated the upgrading and development of forging industry 4.0, and actively promoted the upgrading and transformation of forging automation in 2025.
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