Hebei Saibom Metal Product Co., Ltd

Hebei Saibang metal products Co., Ltd. Is a development, design, production, sales as one of the enterprises, main products: Iron equipment (cold embossing machine, bending machine flowers, fish machine, bending machine, twisting machine, high frequency machine, winding machine, metal lock machine etc. ); Iron fittings (1. Cast steel: Steel mosaic, a hollow ball head, column, guardrail base, joints and other 2. Kinds of C shape, S shape bending, welding disk shape of rose 3., 4. Ladder ladder flowers, rod rod forging, forging, handrail, wrought iron gate 5. Parts: Shaft, handle, door); Private custom iron products (iron gate, stairs, balcony guardrail, fence, iron furniture, iron and other works of art). The company has always followed the "people-oriented", "innovation" as the soul. Peace, unremitting self-improvement business philosophy, won the long-term development progress. Companies in the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence" under the guidance of the enterprise spirit, through the unremitting efforts of all staff, our company reserves of high-quality business professionals and innovative design personnel, and a skilled master technology, formed a powerful elite team, and provide a variety of solutions for customers. The company through continuous improvement of products and innovative design, has reached the "good faith with colleagues from all walks of life, cooperation and win-win" as the goal, to win the trust of the customers in the fierce competition in the market, establish a good corporate image.