Guangdong Fenghua ZhuoLi Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Fenghua Zhuoli Technology Co., Ltd. is one of China′s earliest companies engaging in researching 3D printing technology and commercialize the technology. The company successfully developed the advanced technology based on the 3D sand printing and applies the technology into China′s foundry industry. Currently it is also 3D printing leading enterprise in industrialization.

Currently, Guangdong FengHua ZhuoLi (FHZL) Technology Co., Ltd. Has grown into a comprehensive high-tech company that could offer complete R& D & Manufacturing, sales of 3D sand printing equipment, 3D printing complex metal parts, 3D printing combined with gravity and low pressure casting of traditional metal mold, CNC precision machining, customization of rapid manufacturing for 3D sand mold (core) printing, application of 3D data processing and 3D digital integrated technology, various 3D printing consumables, etc.

Among of them, the cold core (box) manufacturing technology for 3D printing of micro-droplet jet sand mold was first developed in China, this unique technology is superior and compatible with the conventional process. It would greatly changes the conventional production cycle and manufacturing technology in foundry industry.

Meanwhile FHZL has more than ten years of rapid casting & Processing experience, over 1000 different types of product development cases per year, provided rapid manufacturing services to nearly 400 large enterprises both domestic and abroad, at present, FHZL has the comprehensive capabilities of independent research and manufacture of 3D printing equipment, sand casting, metal mold gravity and low pressure casting, precision machining, etc. Which were widely used in automotive, pump, valve, engineering machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, military industry, vessel, aviation, aerospace, new energy, rail transit, casting mold and many other industries.
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