Qingdao China-Commercial Forging Co., Ltd.

Qingdao China-Commercial Forging Co., Ltd is a factory in Qingdao, established in 2014, and we also have our own international trading company, its name is Qingdao China-Commercial International Trading Co., Ltd which was established in 2009. China-Commercial Forging Company is specialized in producing and supplying various types of forging, casting, welding and machining products. That also needs to thank our long-term cooperated precision casting and die casting factories. So, we can mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of rigging products and related forging, casting, welding and machining products.

Main products of our own factory include shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, thimbles, hooks, snap hooks, anchor chains, load binders, rings and other riggings as well as various heterotypic swaging parts; Automobiles parts, trains spare parts and electrical hardwares.

Moreover, our graphite tools such as paddles, reamers, marble molds and mashers; Grabbers and holding tools; Beading making tools sell well over the world especially export to USA, UK, Turkey and Japan since 2009.

On the principle of "excellent quality, preferential price, delivery fast", welcome inquiry, purchasing, visit and guidance of customers all over the world.

At the basis of drawings and samples are also available for casting, forging, stamping and many other metal products. We have advanced production machines, 4 production lines (including 630T, 400T, 300T, 160T), mould development equipments and numerical control processing equipments. And our casting factories also have different casting processes, such as investment casting, sand casting, gravity casting, die casting, silica sol casting etc.

Except casting and forging metal parts, we also have many long-term cooperated welding, stamping and machining factories, after cooperation for almost 10 years, their high quality products helps to get trust of our customers, that also helps us to develop quickly and stably.

When you have any need of metal parts or metal hardwares, welcome you feel free to contact us, and your coming for visiting is also our honor. Hope we could have a happy and bright business relationship in the near future.
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